• Seamless acoustic ceiling
  • Mikropor G in indoor swimming pools
  • Mikropor G
  • Seamless acoustic ceiling system
  • Imagio G in schools and kindergartens
  • Seamless acoustic ceiling system
  • Mikropor G Acoustical clouds
  • Acoustical clouds made of metal
  • Mikropor G bs in sports halls
  • A2Coustic
  • Indoor shooting range
  • Mikropor G Lamelle
  • Kindergarten with Mikropor AS

Innovative acoustic building materials made from glass
metal and acoustic foam


Please allow us, Lahnau Akustik GmbH (formerly known as Wilhelmi Werke AG), to briefly introduce ourselves and our products for acoustic ceiling and wall cladding systems.
Consisting of innovative, ecologically friendly acoustic building materials made from recycled glass, metal and acoustic foam we offer a very extensive range of products specially designed to be installed in office buildings, banks, concert halls, village community centres, schools and kindergartens.

MIKROPOR AS VE B1 acoustical statement

Bargteheide, Germany, Emil-Nolde School

Measurement of reverberation time, speech intelligibility and sound propagation.

To integrate hearing-impaired children in mainstream education a classroom was upgraded to improve the acoustics. The product MIKROPOR AS VE B1 was installed. Sound measurements in the upgraded and a comparative room were carried out by Mr CARSTEN RUHE, Acoustic Consultancy.


VarianteX - the honest building material

From a historic and processing point of view wood characterized the architecture of the 70s and 80s like no other acoustic material. Based on our wide-ranging expertise in using wood we are reintroducing with immediate effect the tried and trusted VarianteX acoustic panel