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From our point of view the possible areas to install acoustic systems is a complex topic, in particular in banks.

When furnishing banks it is often differentiated between rented property and real estate owned by the bank. And a considerable factor is also if the areas are offices or customer frequented areas. We recommend the necessity to differentiate office areas in one-person offices and offices staffed by several people, open-plan offices and call centres.

Each requirement has its own specific acoustic solution. For example, a high-level of recognition is an important factor in addition to functionality and design in nationwide branch offices with customer contact. A customer who knows a branch of a bank in Hamburg and visits a branch in Munich should be able to do his business simply and without difficulty. In this case the acoustics have a significant role to play, because in addition to the competence of the banking house the customer includes his or her sense of confidentiality surrounding discussions in the decision-making criteria. Who does not recognize the feeling of being exposed to all and sundry in areas with poor acoustics? Who likes to exchange personal information and have the feeling the person next to him is able to understand everything? That is why the acoustics factor should not be underestimated when planning and furnishing banks. In consultation zones in particular, our experience tells us additional acoustical clouds have proven their worth by imparting a feeling of being sheltered. Taking all of these factors into consideration we furnished quite a few branch offices of a large German bank with our acoustic systems.

Our system solutions are designed to be installed on ceilings and walls; at the same time it is possible to take into consideration feasible individual wishes (ceilings, wall and acoustic partial area solutions, light-acoustic-cooling clouds, seamless acoustic ceilings, seamless cooling ceilings through to systems for buildings with a thermally activated concrete core). As a manufacturer of acoustic systems we are obliged not only to offer our customers well-founded advice but also complete systems that not only work in theory, but rather have proven their worth time and time again in real life situations in completed construction projects.


  • Complete systems from a single source
  • Ecological building materials
  • Numerous design options