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General information

When equipping indoor swimming pools that do not need to provide normal climatic conditions all of the products that serve interior design purposes must be suitable for the application in question. In addition to visual and design aspects it is important in cases such as these to observe essential regulations pertaining to corrosion protection.

The limit values for building material used in indoor swimming pools is regulated by, amongst others, DIN 4108. In addition, the sense of comfort regarding the temperature and humidity in indoor swimming pools is regulated by VDI 2089. Excessive humidity levels are considered muggy, too dry indoor air causes difficulty breathing and a dry cough. That is why VDI 2089 specifies a relative humidity in indoor swimming pools of at least 42% and a maximum of 53% as well as indoor temperatures between 30-34°C.

Minimum requirements for suspended ceilings are regulated by DIN EN 13 964. Accordingly, load class C according to Table 7 should be assumed at the very least. The highest requirements are named in class D. That forms the basis for Table 8 of the associated corrosion protection. The minimum requirement placed on construction parts in indoor swimming pools with water containing chlorine is generally C4. Protection class C5 can be required for brine or thermal baths.

C4 = Protection class: C4 - severe- to DIN EN ISO 12944-6 and DIN 55634 (areas with moderate salt concentration, chemical plants, swimming pools) Duration of protection: L - 15 years

C5 = Protection class: C5 - extreme - to DIN EN ISO 12944-6 and DIN 55634 (industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres, swimming pools) Duration of protection: L - more than 15 years

As an additional measure to protect hot-dip galvanized steel parts against corrosion (to DIN EN ISO 12944-6 and DIN 55634), in particular those used for substructures in wet rooms and indoor swimming pools, all of the required construction elements are supplied ex works with a high build coating of polyester. Lahnau paint repair kit for substructures including hardener is available in the colour black to paint over screws, cut edges and damage to construction parts in indoor swimming pools. We offer tested complete systems in protection classes C4 and C5.


  • Tested complete systems from a single source
  • Ecological building materials
  • Numerous design options

Further documents are available in our download section.