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Our Service

When it comes to acoustically effective ceilings and wall systems Lahnau Akustik not only offers excellent products for interior acoustic refurbishments but also excellent customer service and all-round care. In addition to on-site care our customer services include providing corresponding samples for clients and customers as well as an individual property solution drawn up specifically for you. We would be pleased to hold a competent system training course for your staff. Learn all you need to know about the services you desire here!

Property solutions

As a manufacturer of acoustic ceiling systems made from ecologically sound raw materials Lahnau Akustik GmbH is not only devoted to safeguarding the environment, but also rises to the challenge of offering its customers dedicated property solutions.

Individual solutions for applications with special requirements, such as in:

  • Sports halls
  • Indoor shooting ranges
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Thermally activated concrete core buildings
  • Hygienically sensitive areas

are always possible to ensure the wishes of the client are fulfilled in every way.

Systems from Lahnau Akustik GmbH offer the best possible basis to realize superior design ideas. No two properties are the same. Customer wishes are as varied as the possibilities available to implement them with systems from Lahnau Akustik. The team at Lahnau Akustik GmbH looks forward to hearing from you.

On-site advice

We are never far away. Our competent team of consultants are available at short notice to offer advice.

To ensure we are able to fulfil your stringent requirements our team of consultants attend regular training courses.

We formulate the objectives we seek to achieve as follows:

  • Understand precisely your demands and put together the best-possible range of products and services to satisfy your requirements
  • Present new products or supplementary services
  • Answer your questions
  • Provide samples
  • Draw up tender texts
  • Record orders (quality, deadline)
  • Complete consultation on-site
  • Advice during the construction phase
  • Service performances such as property acceptance

Do you have any questions or do require more information? If yes, call us. The team at Lahnau Akustik GmbH looks forward to hearing from you.

Provide samples

In addition to our friendly and professionally competent staff based in Lahnau, Germany, Lahnau Akustik also cooperates with representatives near you. Our staff are available to offer professional and competent advice and samples on site at any time. Our staff are happy to present and explain the desired samples and documentation personally. In addition to our standard and construction samples we are more than happy to create a sample in original size for grid ceilings for a dedicated property solution on your behalf. We offer you:

  • Samples of our standard products
  • Construction samples
  • Samples for special property solutions
  • Samples also dispatched ex works
  • Company representative personally hand over sample and offer advice


Training and instruction

Lahnau Akustik willingly supports your every step when installing and processing acoustic ceiling and wall cladding systems. This assistance can take the form of training at our works in Lahnau or competent instructions and training given by our professional consultants on site at your location. This service is offered free of charge, depending on the costs involved and size of the property.

Our advantage for you:

  • Competent and flexible field service
  • Installers provide instructions to drywall contractors
  • Many years of experience as one of the leading European manufacturers of acoustically effective, interior finishing products.
  • First class training rooms with real life instruction and familiarization

Do you have any questions or do require more information? If yes, just call us. The team at Lahnau Akustik GmbH looks forward to hearing from you.