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MIKROPOR® G HYGIENIC – For use in areas with demanding hygiene standards

From the point of view of the patient a stay in a hospital is an unpleasant experience. It is far more preferable to be at home and, above all, healthy. A cosy, pleasant atmosphere with agreeable room acoustics a well as an appealing look can help to raise the spirits and also have a positive effect on the healing process. To offer our contribution to your recovery we developed the acoustic panel MIKROPOR® G HYGIENIC specifically for this application. MIKROPOR® G HYGIENIC is the first acoustic panel that was developed specifically to be installed in hygienically sensitive areas.

The use of a new type of coating created taking advantage of nanotechnology, which was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, gives the panel an eco-friendly, preventive long-term level of protection that prevents pathogens and bacteria colonizing. This has been confirmed by diverse, independent scientific studies.

99.999% safety

With a 99.999% reduction of pathogens on the surface (tested for Staphylococcus Aureus and Enterococcus Faecium bacteria) MIKROPOR® G HYGIENIC offers unique additional benefits for clients, planners and users of rooms in medical facilities. In so doing, it contributes towards improving hygiene in hospitals, clinics, doctors surgeries and laboratories. Despite its efficacy against pathogens and bacteria the acoustic panel MIKROPOR® G HYGIENIC is hygienic and safe with regard indoor air quality requirements and is also environmentally friendly. That is because thanks to the use of nanotechnology there is no need to continue adding traditional biocides. It is possible to apply the HYGIENIC coating to both our MIKROPOR® G acoustic systems and our seamless acoustic systems.

Base panel:

Expanded recycled glass granulate, bound with inorganic binder.


Acoustic membrane with matt, finely structured and non-directional surface.

Surface coating:

TUV certified special coating with excellent reflectance properties and noble look.

Surface properties:
  • High antimicrobial efficacy (reduction of pathogens: 99.999%, Staphylococcus Aureus, Enterococcus Faecium)
  • Based on nanotechnology
  • TUV certified (low VOC content)
  • AgBB certified (indoor air safe) (AgBB = committee for health-related evaluation of building products)
  • Reflecting
  • Noble, matt look
  • Non-vapour retarder
  • Non-combustible (building material classes A1 and A2 to DIN 4102-1)
Care / refurbishing:

It is possible to clean localized soiling using a damp synthetic sponge or brush.


Acoustic membrane as on visible side.

Edge configurations:

Untreated, grooved or rebated, edge covered with fleece in the same colour tone as the surface.

Panel thickness:

Approx. 18 mm

Standard lengths:

2500 mm
1875 mm
1250 mm
625 mm

Standard widths:

1.250 mm
625 mm
415 mm

Formats as requested (cut from standard formats).

Weight per unit area:

Approx. 7.5-8.5 kg/m2


Permanent high levels of humidity (> 70%) affect the dimensional stability of the panels.

Sound absorption level:

See measuring curve in the chapter Acoustic test certificates.