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Panels perforated on visible side (acoustic fleece on rear)

The product MAKROPOR® L meets the standards of quality specified by the Association of Industrial Metal Ceiling Manufacturers (TAIM). It consists of electrolytic galvanized sheet steel; the standard version is coated with a white coloured powder coating. Versions are also possible in all RAL and NCS colours.
Thanks to the large selection of perforations as well as the wide variety of formats (lengths: 601 mm to 3200 mm widths: 250 mm to 960 mm) it is possible to adapt the product perfectly to on-site conditions.
The thermal conductivity of the metal material ensures the product is eminently suitable for use in cooling ceiling systems.

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Technical data

Base panel:
Electrolytic galvanized sheet steel to DIN 1541

Powder coating20
Colour white, reflectance 20%, film thickness 80-100 µm

As depicted, other perforations possible on request. Blank version also possible.

Building material class:
A2 (s1, d0) (non-flammable)

Panel types:
See chapter Constructions & details

Sheet metal gauge:
0.6 mm or 0.7 mm according to panel dimensions

Lengths: 601 mm to 3200 mm
Widths: 250 mm to 960 mm

Spacer studs:

  • 3 mm / 5 mm*
  • White / black *

Joint tape:
3 mm, black; other versions available only on request

Sound absorption level:
See measuring curve in the chapter Acoustic test certificates

According to TAIM quality standards for metal ceilings

Standard perforations:
2.5 mm and 8.00 mm diameter, straight or staggered.
Other perforation patterns – e.g. square possible on request.

Powder coating, colour white, reflectance 20%, film thickness 80-100 µm

Powder coatings available in all special RAL colours.


Constructions & details:

Information about the following constructions is available here:

Panel typesMIKROPOR® M and MAKROPOR® L
  • Electrolytic galvanized sheet steel to DIN 1541, perforated percentage of total area: 16-22%
  • Formats:
    Lengths: 597-3000 mm; other lengths on request
    Widths: 250-625 mm; other widths on request

Clamping system 410
  • Clamping system
  • With precise shadow joint between the metal acoustic panels
  • Removes straight downwards without needing to first lift upwards

Lay-on / lay-in system with visible T-profile
  • The ceiling system for different grid dimensions; Ceiling cavity easily accessible

  • Panel length up to 2,500 mm, panel width up to 625 mm with a T-profile width of 15 mm or 24 mm

  • Square formats up to 1,250 x 1,250 mm can be inserted without additional construction. Disassembly and reassembly possible without tools

Lay-on system with concealed support structure 110
  • The universal ceiling system
  • Ceiling void easily accessible at any point in conjunction with rigid, torsionally resistant support structure
  • Possible to remove and reinstall without tools

Visible C-channel (Bandraster) grid system 160 - parallel
  • The economic ceiling system for stud partition walls, for example in administration buildings
  • Tested longitudinal sound insulation with 12.5 mm gypsum plasterboard and 30 mm acoustic foam covering

C-channel (Bandraster) grid system 170 - crosswise
  • The ceiling system for stud partition walls in both directions
  • Tested longitudinal sound insulation with 12.5 mm gypsum plasterboard and 30 mm acoustic foam covering

Corridor ceiling systems
  • Installation with wall angle
  • Installation with step angle
  • As concealed lay-on system
  • F30 Corridor ceiling systems on request